American Politics

Which Republicans are most likely to think the election was stolen? Those who dislike Democrats and don’t mind white nationalists. Washington Post, with Joshua Tucker & Jonathan Nagler

Did Trump keep his campaign promises? Washington Post, with Joshua Tucker & Jonathan Nagler

Why didn't more congressional Republicans condemn Trump's racist tweets about the ‘Squad’? Washington Post

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Saving Democracy From Its Defenders. The American Interest, with Dalibor Rohac


International economic issues 

Fiscal policy and the Eurocrisis

  1. Fiscal tightening and economic growth |, with Paolo Mauro

  2. Europe’s Arduous Climb Out of a Deep Economic Hole | RealTime Economic Issues Watch

  3. How Much Global Fiscal Stimulus?Stock market volatility in the past decade, with Caroline Freund and Paolo Mauro.

  4. How Greek Citizens Saw Their Government Services Curtailed | RealTime Economic Issues Watch, with Paolo Mauro.

Trade, financial markets, and monetary policy

  1. Local Content Requirements: Backdoor Protectionism Spreading Under the Radar | PIIE Trade and Investment Policy Watch with Cathleen Cimino-Isaacs.

  2. How Serious Are Spillovers of Monetary Policy? | People's Daily Online.

  3. Is the Fed Behind the Curve? | RealTime Economic Issues Watch, with Julien Acalin, shorter version published in Nikkei Asian Review.

  4. The Fed’s dilemma | People's Daily, with Julien Acalin, also published as 美联储进退维谷.

  5. Globalization is evolving, not receding | People's Daily | Local version | Published in Chinese as 经济全球化进程没有后退.

  6. Effect of the Stock Market Correction on China’s Economy | China Economic Watch, with Sean Miner. Shorter version published as Falling stock prices do not always presage a bad economy in Nikkei Asian Review.

  7. Is China’s Stock Market Leading the S&P 500? | China Economic Watch. China’s Growth: Still Envy of the World Despite Slowdown | China Economic Watch.

  8. China’s Commitment to Clean Energy Remains a Little Hazy | China Economic Watch.

  9. Political Economy of Environmental Protection in China | China Economic Watch.

  10. Who will hold the power in AIIB? | China Economic Watch.

  11. Regional Convergence in China | China Economic Watch.

Elections & Institutions

Joe Biden’s rise is a reminder that the way to win an election hasn’t changed | The Critic

Scholarship not Welcome Here: Hungary’s Government Continues to Tighten Its Grip | Washington Post (Monkey Cage), with Gabor Simonovits

Slovakia: Another Orbán Convert? | RealTime Economic Issues Watch, with Simeon Djankov

Eastern Europe: Freedoms under Pressure | RealTime Economic Issues Watch, with Simeon Djankov

Explaining eastern Europe’s happiness gap | FT beyondbrics, with Elena Nikolova and Simeon Djankov


Assorted pieces

Higher Wages for Low-Income Workers Lead to Higher Productivity | PIIE Briefing, with Justin Wolfers

What is an Appropriate Reaction to Attacks on Free Speech? | North Korea Witness to Transformation